A hundred young people attack the Police and the Civil Guard in Valencia

A group of more than one hundred young people “violently” confronted the Police of the Valencian municipality of L’Eliana and the Civil Guard in some acts that the City Council considers intolerable while announcing a security reinforcement to avoid a repeat in the next few hours.

According to the consistory on its social networks, the events occurred last night in the Parque de la Pinada and among the attackers were young people from this town near Valencia and which also celebrates these days the Fallas festivals.

Those involved “showed very violent behavior that are not admissible or tolerable in our municipality or in any other place”, remarks the City Council.

The Local Government Board, the four Fallas Commissions and the citizens of l’Eliana “we want to enjoy the party and live it in peaceand we totally reject this type of uncivil and unfortunate behavior that has nothing to do with l’Eliana or with the Fallas”, he adds.

The State Security Forces and Corps are already working to identify those responsible for these events “so that the heavy weight of the Law falls on them” and, at the same time, “the reinforcement of security in the municipality is announced for this evening with the help of others bodys with the aim that these events have the response they deserve”, according to the city council.

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