A customs agent dies in an attempt to board a sailboat loaded with drugs

A 58 year old civil servant of the Customs Surveillance Service has died today in an accident during a boarding attempt to inspect a sailboat, presumably loaded with narcotics, in Atlantic waters, the Tax Agency has reported.

Sources from the Tax Agency have explained that the incident occurred on the 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning when they were going to proceed to inspect a sailboat to the west of the Canary Islands.

They indicate that an auxiliary vessel of the Special Operations Ship’fulmar‘ of the Tax Agency “a sailboat that was suspected of transporting narcotics had been docked some 700 miles west of the Canary Islands, to proceed with its inspection.”

At that moment, there was a dinghy capsize of the Customs Surveillance Service, which caused the officials to fall into the sea, at which time the crew of the sailboat set fire to the suspected ship for its subsequent sinking.

After several attempts to revive his partnerthe officials of the auxiliary vessel informed the central services of the customs service of the death of the agent.

The ship ‘Fulmar’ is heading with the body of the deceased official and the four crew members of the sailboat detained at the Melilla portwhere the official’s family residence is located.

The arrival in Melilla is expected for the next wednesday nightclarify the same sources.

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