More than 1000 procedures in the Berlin judiciary

The Tiergarten district court has sentenced climate protesters 25 times so far. However, the number of cases that the public prosecutor’s office has to process is far higher.

Activists of the last generation are blocking the exit of the city freeway at Beusselstrasse.

Activists of the last generation are blocking the exit of the city freeway at Beusselstraße.dpa / Paul tines

BerlinThe Berlin public prosecutor’s office has now received 1,100 cases (as of January 6) on the ongoing actions of climate demonstrators. This was announced by the Senate Justice Department at the request of the German Press Agency. In 399 cases, proceedings were combined because there were several allegations against the same person. According to the information, 164 procedures are currently open. 130 cases were discontinued, for example because there was insufficient evidence.

According to the judicial administration, the Tiergarten district court has sentenced demonstrators in 25 cases so far, usually for coercion and resistance to law enforcement officers. 12 decisions are final, it said. In 78 cases, the court combined cases.

Public prosecutors usually apply for a penal order

The public prosecutor’s office usually applies for the offenses to be punished by means of a penal order, i.e. without a hearing. So far, this has been the case in 397 cases, according to the administration of justice. Charges were raised in only four cases.

If an objection is filed against the penal orders that were initially issued, a hearing will be held before the Tiergarten District Court. This has been the case regularly for a few weeks.

Only on Friday were two climate protection activists convicted: a fine of 2,700 euros was imposed on a 40-year-old from Dresden because he was involved in seven road blockades in Berlin. The court found the man guilty of seven counts of coercion and four counts of resisting law enforcement officials by sticking him to the roadway. In addition, in the case of a 23-year-old, two penalties for coercion of 1,500 euros each became final.

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