The strange gesture of Cristina Pedroche in the retransmission of the Chimes

Like every year in recent years in which she has been one of the undisputed protagonists of the last night of the year, Cristina Pedroche triumphed again from Puerta del Sol, where, together with her inseparable Alberto Chicote, she broadcast the Chimes for Antena 3.

La Vallecana, who had a pregnancy for the first time -disemboweled by a magazine just days before the 31st, the date she planned to tell the world about it-, wore a design that had a very relevant message to convey: peace and freedom.

But, beyond her dress, the most commented on social networks is being a mysterious and strange gesture that the presenter starred in the middle of the broadcast. It happened just to welcome the new year. The cameras focused on the celebration and the fireworks at Puerta del Solbut, when returning to the study where the presenters were, these They weren’t aware that they were ‘pricked’.

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Then, the camera caught Pedroche talking to someone who was on the set, pointing to the beer he was holding and with which he was going to toast -and advertise- and, immediately afterwards, He made the negation gesture with his finger, as if to say that he was not going to take it.

Realizing that he was on camerathe communicator took Chicote by the arm to toastwithout ever losing the smile.

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