Watch with your daughter the first match of Spain in the World Cup

Since little Mia was born, Isaac Torres and Lucía Sánchez have been experimenting a remarkable rapprochement in their strained relationship. Now, with the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the new parents have enjoyed the first match of the Spanish National Team as a family.

The former contestants of the island of temptations They have met with their daughter and some friends, which has made his followers disbelieve since when little Mia was born, his father accused Lucía of “not notifying them” of her admission to the hospital.

With this new approach, it seems that Isaac and Lucia they want to leave behind all those attacks that they starred in the past. For the sake of her daughter, the ex-partner is maintaining a more than cordial relationship.

The couple has shared a video together on the train to Barcelona on their Instagram profile without revealing the reason.

This rapprochement seems to contradict the statements in which Lucía He stated that his relationship with Isaac Torres is minimal, only for his daughter’s things. This is the second plan that the ex-partner has done together since the birth of Mia.

A few weeks ago they moved together with the little to do a photo session that little by little they are sharing on social networks, but the plan that has attracted the most attention is to watch football together.

Both have shared it through their Instagram profiles. “We have become footballers”said the influencers while showing a video of the place where they were watching the game.

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