The disagreements that have marked the relationship of Anabel and Bernardo Pantoja

Anabel Pantoja faces one of the hardest personal blows, the death of her father. The influencer has lived her most troubled year and much has been said about the relationship she had with her father

Anabel Pantoja faces the worst news: the death of his father. The former contestant of ‘Survivientes 2022’ moved to Seville urgently just a day ago when she learned of Bernardo’s critical condition. The brother of the tonadillera, after a few months marked by serious health problems, has lost his life this Friday the 25th at the Virgen del Rocío hospital surrounded by his family, a story that the journalist José Antonio León has advanced through social networks .

It has been a particularly difficult year for Anabel and this hard blow closes her most turbulent and difficult to digest months.

Anabel Pantoja is devastated by this loss and there has been much speculation about the relationship she had with her father. Father and daughter have starred in tense disagreements in recent times and, on more than one occasion, they have distanced themselves. The break between Bernardo and Mercedes Bernal unfortunately led to a rift between father and daughter that has worsened over time. In addition, the different professional projects of the young woman have not helped to maintain a fluid relationship either.

In 2018, Bernardo married Junco, a ceremony that was held in private with a friend of the couple who adopted the role of witness. Despite the rumors that have been reported between the former Japanese dancer and Anabel Pantoja there is a bad vibe, the reality is that Yulen Pereira’s girlfriend has already taken charge of settling the issue and clarifying that they have always had a good relationship: “I love for him Now I talk to Junco on WhatsApp every day. I don’t understand where it comes from that I don’t get along with her or that she doesn’t get along with me. She is with my father every day. I can only thank you for that. My father is: “take care, where are you, what are you going to do?…” And that overwhelms me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t worry, “he said in ‘Save me’ in 2019.

The distance has not helped father and daughter to strengthen ties either. Anabel Pantoja left Seville and her different jobs both on television and on social networks, plus her relationship with Omar Sánchez, caused Belén Esteban’s friend to live on horseback between Madrid and the Canary Islands.

However, Anabel has shown that she has always been by her father’s side both in good times and in bad times, and has never left him alone. Now, the young woman needs the warmth of her family to cope with this emptiness. Many members of the clan have wanted to pay tribute to Bernardo, such as Kiko Rivera who is already mourning the death of her uncle: “Rest in peace”has written the DJ next to an image of his childhood to which he will always keep a special affection.

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