The DEFINITIVE GESTURE that reveals how Tana and Lucía Rivera get along, with their parents facing each other | VIDEO

Tana and Lucía Rivera have coincided in an event in Madrid with which they have recorded that despite the enmity between their parents they maintain a good relationship

There is not a week in which a member of the Rivera family is not in the news. While Cayetano Rivera remains a refugee on his farm in the middle of the separation process from Eva González, Francisco Rivera faces his professional commitments and Kiko Rivera recovers from the stroke she suffered a month ago, they have been Tana and Lucía Rivera who have monopolized all the prominence this Thursday.

The young women have coincided, together with Lourdes Montes, at the party organized by the footwear firm Aquazzura, on the occasion of the opening of its first boutique in Madrid. A meeting full of well-known faces such as Victoria Federica, Mar Flores or Genoveva Casanova, among others, and in which we have been able to witness the good vibes that exist between the cousins ​​despite the distance that exists between their parents. Press PLAY and don’t miss out on the reunion!

Both follow a very similar line. Despite their popularity, they are very secretive in everything related to their private life, which is why it is very difficult to get a statement in which they get wet about family controversies. Although they are only a year apart, Lucía is 24 and Tana 23, they have never had a special family bond. There are few times in which they have been seen publicly, not even when they were girls.

Cayetano and Fran Rivera, a relationship of brothers of comings and goings

The absence of Cayetano Rivera in the El cartel de la Goyesca de Ronda brought to light that the relationship between the Rivera Ordóñez brothers was not going through its best moment. Far from keeping silent, it was Francisco who confirmed that the union that they had boasted of years ago was no longer so: “With Cayetano, it is neither peace nor war. It is that the circumstances are what they are. There is no need to give it more turn the page or look for anything strange. Above all, we are brothers. And it’s not that we can’t even greet each other (…) I don’t see our relationship as a matter of war or no war, but as a matter of having different lives and that’s it. Nothing happens“, he explained with resignation.

Much more cautious has always been Cayetano who has never wanted to get into confrontations with his older brother.

Tana Rivera faces Manuel Vega’s infidelity rumors

Apart from this coincidence, Tana Rivera was in the news after a few days ago there was talk of an alleged infidelity on the part of her boyfriend Manuel Vega. Eugenia Martínez de Irujo’s daughter reappeared hand in hand with her boy, ignoring her speculations and showing that she trusts him 100%. Very discreet, Tana has settled the rumors confirming that they are “very happy” together.

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