“The culprits were identified”

The presenter and actor Santi Millán was the victim of the leak of an intimate video with a woman who was not his, and today he is satisfied with the work of justice

We have to go back to last June when santi millan He was affected by the leak of an intimate video in which he appeared having sex with a woman who was not his. The video took only a few hours to go viral and he, far from remaining silent, focused on what was really important: the crime that was committed by making it public, something that he put in the hands of justice.

Well, five months later, when the scandal is almost forgotten, the presenter of ‘Got Talent’ has managed to identify the culprits, as he himself confirmed during an exclusive interview with El Televisero: “It’s a topic that I don’t there is much to say. The judicial process continues its course, we already know that these things take time. But the only good thing I can say is that the culprits were identified“He declared naturally and with that evident calm of putting a face to those responsible, of whom he did not want to give more details.

Santi Millán and Rosa Olucha

Santi Millán with his wife Rosa Olucha


Regardless of the controversy, Santi Millán is focused on the final stretch of ‘Got Talent’, who began the live shows this week after two years of pandemic, a stage that he faces with “excitement and great desire”.

Santi Millán and Rosa Olucha, together against all odds

Santi and Rosa got married in 2009 although they have been together for more than two decades. As a result of their relationship, their two children were born: Marc and Ruth, aged 16 and 14 respectively. Much was said about the stability of the marriage when everything was blown up. However, far from being affected, the relationship between them grew stronger: “Your privacy is yours and no one else’s. Here there are no sides or properties”, she manifested in a clear defense of the father of her children. While social networks were revolutionized with the intimate content of the video, both Santi and his wife chose to take the matter down and turn the page.

“There are many types of family. In ours, freedom, respect and tolerance are the pillars on which we have built this project. We have walked many kilometers together and many more apart, we have stumbled a thousand times, we have spoken when it has done We have changed the rhythm when we have tired and, for the moment, not so bad, “sentenced Rosa.

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