The 3 fights with Isabel that marked the last years of Bernardo Pantoja

Bernardo Pantoja has died at the Virgen del Rocío hospital after weeks of being in a very delicate state of health. In recent months, hospital admissions and discharges followed one another, and although now his brothers have been by his side, watching over him and not leaving him alone in his last hours; the truth is that he was not always like this. His relationship with his siblings Angustín and Isabel has been complex, especially in recent years; in which fights and friction have abounded more than concord.

The elevator that Bernardo Pantoja could not afford

We could place the explosion of quarrels between brothers in 2017, the year in which Bernardo Pantoja had a leg amputated due to diabetes that he suffered (a disease he shares with his Isabel and his nephew Kiko Rivera). Anabel Pantoja’s father and his wife Junco lived in a second without elevator in Seville (owned by Isabel Pantoja); and when among all the neighbors they decided to put one, he refused to pay the spill; for which a key was installed so that only those who had paid for it could use it. And then came the drama. They amputated a limb and he urgently needed the elevator. The neighbors asked him for 18,000 euros to be equal to all of them and to be able to access it. An extremely high amount for Anabel’s father and that he saw himself unable to get. He then looked for a way to have that money: grant an interview in ‘Sálvame Deluxe’. And the storm broke.

I know that you are very destructive with the Pantoja family, but I am giving you an interview because I need money”, Bernardo Pantoja told Kiko Hernández. But then something happened. The interviewee retracted and decided not to sit on the set. What had happened was that his sister Isabel had given him the money he needed so she wouldn’t have to talk about her family or her. He strongly drew attention to the fact that he was offered the money once the interview proposal was known, but not before it. A ‘gift’ in extremis with which Isabel, as Kiko Hernández said, “has bought her brother’s silence”.

The death of Doña Ana, the great sorrow of Bernardo

Bernardo’s differences with Agustín and Isabel intensified in the last months of Doña Ana’s life. Kiko Rivera, via Belén Esteban, recounted that his uncle had been denied entry to Cantora. “They were a friend of the family and Bernardo, they entered through one of the doors and when they got to the top, no one opened for them. Suddenly, behind the door, Agustín Pantoja is heard saying that he was not going to open the door for either of them. Bernardo tells him ‘open up, I want to see mom’. Agustín tells him behind the door that he is not going to open it, they are there for a while and they have to turn around because no one in Cantora opens the door for them”. This caused him tremendous grief, and made them distance even more. Completely devastated, Bernardo then spoke to Kiko and told him what had happened and the disappointment that this had caused him.

This would have been the last chance to meet mother and son. Months later, Doña Ana died and then a new disagreement occurred between Bernardo and her brother, Agustín, since Isabel did not go to her mother’s funeral home. Anabel’s father arrived at the wake accompanied by Magdalena, Doña Ana’s sister and with whom the rest of the family does not have a good relationship. This was not well received and they told her that if she wanted to say goodbye to the lifeless body of the matriarch, she could, but not her sister. The person in charge of communicating it to him was a woman who acted as Agustín’s spokesperson; But Bernardo did not like this, so he “went from the funeral home to his house without being able to watch over his mother,” said Magdalena herself.

Junco, the origin of everything

And the last and great quarrel that perhaps gives rise to all the others: Junco. The flamenco dancer who has made Bernardo’s life easier but who seems to have cost him her relationship with her brothers Isabel and Agustín; not so much with Juan, with whom he has always been closest. Ever since Kiko Rivera’s uncle fell in love with this Japanese artist with the evocative name, her family closed her doors, in part. No one from the family was present at her wedding, so the couple said “I do” before only two friends who acted as witnesses to the wedding. “My mother does not talk to her,” said Isa Pantoja the same morning that the death of her uncle was announced. But what happened between the two women so that they did not speak? The truth is that we will never know. That frustrated interview for the ‘Deluxe’ would have been the only opportunity for him to talk about it. “The family gap is getting bigger, Junco has had problems getting into that room. Isabel Pantoja herself has been the one who has invited her out,” said José Antonio León in ‘Sálvame’, just hours before he left. Finally, as Israel López has said, he could have said goodbye to what was the great love of his life.

Bernardo Pantoja and Junco

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