Kiko Rivera’s PENA in his tender farewell to his uncle Bernardo Pantoja with an unprecedented image

Bernardo Pantoja has passed away this Friday after failing to overcome his latest health setback and since the news broke there have been several reactions with which Anabel Pantoja has received a lot of love and support

Bernardo Pantoja has passed away today after the health problems that he had been suffering for a long time. Isabel Pantoja’s brother and Anabel’s father has not been able exceed your last hospital admission. At the time of his death, both his daughter and his wife Junco have been by his side. The collaborator did not hesitate to take an emergency train to Seville when she found out about the worsening state of her father’s health. And now she can brag about that In a moment as complicated as this, she is very covered because the messages of affection towards her and in memory of her father have not been lacking since the sad news has been known.

The first to react to the sad news has been Kiko Rivera. The DJ chose her Instagram profile to share a tender image in which she appears with her father and her uncle Bernardo: “Rest in peace, tito”, she wrote. Through social networks, there are several people who have reacted to the death of Isabel Pantoja’s brother and father of Anabel Pantoja. Notably Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja, in addition to having lost their uncle, know well that now their cousin is going through a very hard time. Anabel has always been by their side in the most difficult moments and now they have returned her love, yes, from a distance.

Kiko Rivera says goodbye to his uncle Bernardo

Kiko Rivera says goodbye to his uncle Bernardo with an endearing image

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According to the latest information, Kiko Rivera has not been able to join the last goodbye to his uncle at the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville to where Isabel, Juan and Agustín Pantoja did go to say goodbye to their older brother. It was Rafa Mora who, after speaking with her DJ, revealed from ‘Save me’ that no one had informed him of the worsening state of health of her uncle, whom she was very fond of. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that her uncle and nephew had the opportunity to spend time together at the hospital.

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