Isabel Jiménez reappears calm and smiling after Sara Carbonero’s operation

After transmitting a message of tranquility about the current state of Sara Carbonero after having undergone an emergency operation, Isabel Jiménez has reappeared in public with total normality

It has been a very difficult week. Sara Carbonero entered the University Clinic of Navarra last Monday to put herself back in the hands of the doctors. The presenter had to be intervened urgently, just as she anticipated Readings exclusively. Next to her, her sister Irene, her mother and also Isabel Jiménez. The presenter was one of the first to go to the hospital to be with her ‘comadre’. This Thursday, The journalist reappeared in public calm and smiling, making it clear that everything was going on as normal.

Isabel Jiménez transmitted a message of tranquility. The journalist was in the corridors of Telecinco with several faces from the chain and she told it that way. “Don’t worry, it’s fine. Keep calm”, stated Marta López from the set of ‘It’s noon’ that the presenter had told her. Jiménez has been by her close friend’s side at all times, worrying about her condition and this unexpected health bump.

Shortly after, the presenter of Informativos Telecinco reappeared in public to attend an event and made it calm and relaxed. With a smile, she received the media and, although she kept the silence that always characterizes her, she did make it clear that the situation is under control. At the moment, there has been no official communication from the medical center where the presenter is still admitted.

Nacho Taboada, the last visit

Sara Carbonero received a visit from her partner, Nacho Taboada, after having spent several days at the clinic. The musician arrived at the center almost at the last minute and did so trying to go as unnoticed as possible. It was, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated visits. The relationship that Sara maintains with Nacho has been marked by discretion and this time it has not been different.

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