Isa Pantoja, devastated, breaks her silence after the death of Bernardo Pantoja

Like every Friday, Isa Pantoja has taken her place as a collaborator in ‘The AR program’ and today she has faced her most difficult program after the death of her uncle

The Pantoja clan faces a painful duel. Bernardo, father of Anabel Pantoja, has died this Friday at the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville after not having been able to overcome the serious health problems he suffered and which have led him to be admitted on numerous occasions over the last year. The former contestant of ‘Survivientes 2022’ moved to Seville urgently to say goodbye to her father and the family has once again shown a sign of unity in this difficult personal moment. While Kiko Rivera wanted to pay tribute to her uncle through social networks, Isa Pantoja has broken her silence in ‘The AR program’ very sorry for

“We were all aware that it had been very bad for months and Anabel has gone to see him in Seville several times. Wednesday is when I find out that Anabel is going to Seville because they tell her about the serious situation and that is when she told me warns that things are not right. I understand that they are waiting for the outcome and as soon as I find out that they have to move, things are quite serious”, Isa Pantoja began by saying, very sorry that her family is facing a blow after a year after the death of doña Ana.

“Neither my mother nor my cousin pick up the phone, I am informed by Anabel’s mother, now they are preparing everything. It happened to me like with my grandmother, I found out an hour and a half ago,” said Isa Pantoja leaving Of course, he is going to devote himself 100% to his mother and his cousin.

isa pantoja

Isa Pantoja talks about his uncle Bernardo after his death.


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