Energy price flat rate can be attached under certain circumstances

There was 300 euros in September via wages. But this money is protected against wage garnishment. The matter may be different if foreclosure is pending

The energy price flat rate of 300 euros, which many employees, trainees or even mini-jobbers received on September 1st, can be attached in certain cases. This is shown by a decision by the district court of Norderstedt (Az.: 66 IN 90/19), to which the “” portal of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV) in Berlin refers.

According to this, the one-off payment from the state, which was intended to relieve citizens of sharply increased energy costs, is not protected in the event of an impending foreclosure. In the opinion of the district court, the energy price flat rate does not represent a social benefit that would prohibit attachment. A specific purpose was not defined by the legislature.

P-accounts can be seized

If the exempt amount on a seizure protection account (P-account) of currently 1330.16 euros per month is exceeded, the 300 euros can be seized as part of the debtor’s total assets.

On the other hand, the flat-rate energy price is protected from a wage garnishment, in which the employer pays part of the wages directly to the creditor.

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