Cyclist critically injured in road accident

A cyclist collided with a car on Thursday. The person suffered serious head injuries.

An ambulance is on duty with blue lights on.  A cyclist was critically injured on Thursday. 

An ambulance is on duty with flashing lights. A cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries on Thursday. dpa / Julian Stratenschulte

A serious traffic accident occurred in Berlin-Lichtenberg on Thursday evening, in which a cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries.

According to initial information from the Berlin police and according to witness statements, the 35-year-old man is said to have cycled along Vulkanstrasse around 7:30 p.m. in the direction of Landsberger Allee. At the same time, a 46-year-old driver in the middle lane of Landsberger Allee drove into the corner of Landsberger Allee and Vulkanstraße at a traffic light that was green for him.

There was a collision with the crossing cyclist, who fell and hit his head on the ground. Alarmed rescue workers took the cyclist to a hospital with life-threatening head injuries, where he remains stationary. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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