Bernardo Pantoja, brother of Isabel Pantoja and father of Anabel, dies

As José Antonio León has advanced, Bernardo Pantoja, Isabel Pantoja’s brother and Anabel’s father, has died in Seville after his latest health setbacks and after several hospital admissions in recent months

The worst news has just shaken the Pantoja clan. As José Antonio León has advanced, Bernardo Pantoja, Isabel’s brother and Anabel’s father, has died as a result of multiple health problems that he has suffered in recent years. Bernardo suffered from diabetes, a disease that caused him numerous scares for which he had to visit the hospital frequently and even had his right foot amputated. And it was precisely in the hospital where, after his last hospital admission, the singer’s brother died. A very hard blow especially for her daughter who was traveling urgently to Seville when she learned of the serious condition of her father.

It is a major setback for all those who have been by Bernardo Pantoja’s side. Junco has been one of the most important supports for him for many years and, no matter how much there has been speculation about his bad relationship with Anabel Pantoja, his father and daughter have always had a deep affection for each other. “I love her more than anything in the world, I adore her because she is the best thing that God has put on earth for me”, confessed. In fact, Anabel Pantoja did not hesitate to travel to Seville due to the worsening health of her father, so she was able to be by her side at the last moment and say goodbye to him.

Jose Antonio Leon

The reporter José Antonio León has announced the death of Bernardo Pantoja

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In these delicate moments, the family of Bernardo Pantoja has joined forces and has put aside some of the controversies that have dragged on in recent months. Anabel needs the love and warmth of her family more than ever to face this painful duel.

Isabel Pantoja, by his side

It was José Antonio León himself who reported from ‘Sálvame’ that Isabel Pantoja was at her brother’s side in these very difficult moments. The tonadillera did not hesitate to leave Cantora and move to Seville to say goodbye to Bernardo and tuck in her niece Anabel. The singer has been almost a maternal figure for Anabel and she needs her more than ever at this time.

The one who did not know of his uncle’s critical condition was Kiko Rivera. Rafa Mora has told in ‘Sálvame’ that he has contacted the DJ and that he has told him that he was not aware that his uncle was in such a bad way. Despite this, he will also be a support for Anabel Pantoja. She was by her side when he suffered the stroke and now it is probable that he will do the same and tuck his cousin in at this very difficult moment. And who will surely also be by Anabel’s side is Isa Pantoja. The cousins ​​have always flaunted her union and in one of the singer’s niece’s worst moments, Isa will surely be by her side unconditionally.

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