[email protected] Weekend’ will not return until 2023

The arrival of the World Cup has disrupted many things, schedules and events and among them, the television grids. That has affected programs like [email protected] Weekendwho has gone on vacation.

The La Sexta program presented by Alfonso Arús has suspended its weekend broadcasts, to make way for many of the meetings and information about the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The program goes on vacation with its homework done, having marked its best audience data this November, with a 5.6% share and 578,000 viewers on average in a time slot as complicated as weekend mornings, where the audience for the Saturday time slot of La Sexta has improved by 1 share point.

As the soccer world cup will last until well into Christmas, Alfonso Arús’ program will postpone his return until 2023with no date set, but presumably sometime in January.

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