What you should do before buying a second-hand car to avoid scams, according to the DGT

The purchase of a used car can go very well and, as a result, we take home a bargain or it can go very badly. In this case, we will be buying a vehicle that can bring us a thousand and one problemsfrom economic loads to mechanical failures and a long etcetera.

There are many methods to check all car related aspects from top to bottom and avoid scams. The DGT recommends carrying out two simple checks: verify the general condition of the vehicle and verify that it is transferable and free of encumbrances

This second step can be done from the comfort of home, through the electronic headquarters of the DGT. Traffic advises requesting one of its reduced reportsin which various data related to the state of the vehicle that we want to buy appear.

The reduced report of the DGT

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The short report is free and provides information to confirm the correct identification of the vehicle, as well as check if the vehicle is registered or if there is any incident, load or impediment on it when driving that could affect the buyer once the name change is made.

If anyone requests this report and, when reading it, there is some data that shocks us or some type of incident reflected, The DGT recommends requesting in this case the complete and detailed report that they have in Traffic, in order to expand information. If that still isn’t enough, other companies make very detailed vehicle histories available, for a fee, by collecting information from different EU countries and the US.

The extended version is paid and that it costs 8.67 euros. This document will show all the administrative information, identification of the owner, municipality where the vehicle is domiciled, ITV history, mileage, number of owners, loads… Also technical data, EuroNCAP score and maintenance regarding the requested vehicle.

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