The Belarra family law will receive the green light on Tuesday when the PSOE unlocks it after almost a month of delay

Processing of family law it will finally start running next Tuesday, when the Government will give the green light to the draft law in the Council of Ministers. This is confirmed by 20 minutes sources from the Ministry of Social Rights, promoter of the norm, which will mean that the norm finally leaves the heart of the Government after almost a month of delay with respect to the term agreed by PSOE and Unidas Podemos, who initially agreed to start processing it before end of September and then extended that deadline to October.

The two forces that make up the Executive still have some fringes to finish negotiating between now and Tuesday, although the bulk of the law has already been agreed. The norm, as announced at the time, will extend the aid of 100 euros for each child under three years also to mothers who are unemployed as long as, in the month in which the child is born, their parent has been making contributions for at least one day or, failing that, has been receiving unemployment benefits. The extension of this deduction, from which mothers with salaried work could already benefit, will benefit some 250,000 families, according to Social Rights.

Likewise, the family law will implement eight weeks parental leave for fathers or mothers with children under eight years of age, a leave that can be enjoyed continuously or discontinuously. In addition, single-parent families with two children or families with two parents and two children where one of the ascendants or descendants has a disability will be allowed to enjoy the aid granted to large families. This equalization will also affect families with two children headed by a victim of gender violence or by a spouse who has obtained exclusive custody and custody without the right to alimony.

More information shortly.

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