Rocío Flores spends a bad night and ends up in the hospital: “I’m fatal”

Rocio Flores He had already been commenting to his followers for several days that he was not feeling well at all: “I have not been able to take videos or photos because it has given me a little dizziness and I have had to lie down,” he said. A striking discomfort that forced him to cancel the plans he had planned with his brothers until today he decided to go to the hospital emergency room: “I was super disconnected… I feel horrible, today I can’t even swallow“Wrote the young woman next to an image in which she appears lying on the sofa in her house while hiding her face with a filter.

Although he wanted to extend his visit to the doctor, he had such a bad night that he announced his imminent visit to the medical center: “I’m going to get dressed and I’m going to the hospital to be seen”, He explained by downplaying the situation with several emojis through which he hinted that he was confident that everything would be a scare. “I’ll tell you the story of my dizziness at another time when I feel better (…) I think I fell. I was very cold and I took a shower of boiling water. I wanted to sleep soon, but it’s impossible for me “, he pointed out.

Rocio Flores

Rocío Flores has a bad night and ends up in the hospital

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The radical drop in temperatures has caused many of our celebrities to fall ill: Laura Matamoros, Laura Escanes or Nagore Robles are just some of them. A long list that Rocío Flores has not been spared either.

Rocío Flores turns to her facet as an influencer

It seems that television is past in the life of Rocío Flores. “I have to think about myself, I want to go slowly. I need to be calm”, declared just a few weeks ago when she was asked about her possible projects on the small screen. With more than 780,000 followers on Instagram, Rocío Carrasco’s daughter has decided to focus on her facet as an influencer, as well as her training in Marketing and Advertising, two things that make her very happy and also help her acquire enough Economic income to live comfortably in Malaga.

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