Public Mirror | Susanna Griso to Víctor Manuel, about Sabina’s statements: “You tell me now that you have become right-wing and I drop a myth”

On the occasion of the release of his new album, life in songsthis Thursday Susanna Griso has chatted live with Víctor Manuel. In this project, the singer brings together the most significant songs of his musical career on three albums.

It is a project for which he has had the collaboration of artists such as Rozalén, of whom he has indicated that “everything he touches turns into gold and, furthermore, he is a treasure of a person”. Likewise, Víctor Manuel has commented that he has also collaborated with other artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Dani Martín, Amaral, Jorge Drexler or Iván Ferreiro.

Susanna Griso, from the set of Public mirrorhas highlighted the new trend of uniting the voices of the most experienced singers with new talent. “They are young people who collaborate with older people. I really appreciate it”has pointed out Víctor Manuel.

Joaquin Sabina

The presenter has pointed out that Víctor Manuel is one of the singers who have most captured the social protests in our country. “It is difficult to put the screaming of Parliament in a song. I would like to be able to introduce parliamentary hooliganism“, stressed the artist.

In this way, Griso has taken the opportunity to remember the words of Joaquín Sabina: “I was on the left, but now I am not so much because I have eyes and ears.”

The journalist has addressed her interviewee and has extrapolated these statements to him: “You tell me now that you have become right-wing and I drop a myth”. Given this, Víctor Manuel could not help but laugh and has sentenced: “No, no. Those things don’t happen to me”.

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