Numbers offered by six million Germans in the hacker forum

According to a media report, 487 million WhatsApp user cell phone numbers are for sale in a hacker forum. The danger to users is unclear.

WhatsApp user mobile numbers are under threat worldwide.  

WhatsApp user mobile numbers are under threat worldwide. AFP/Photo by Manjunath

In an international hacker forum, 487 million WhatsApp user cell phone numbers from all countries are apparently being offered for sale. Among them should also be six million numbers from Germany, like the portal cyber news reported.

After random investigations of the portal, the numbers are probably real. The seller did not specify how he obtained the data. All numbers would belong to active WhatsApp users, the report said.

WhatsApp has around two billion users worldwide

The WhatsApp parent company Meta is accused of not properly protecting the data of around two billion users worldwide. After multiple requests from Cybernews, Meta stated that over 500 million records could be at risk. It is unclear whether all the numbers are really real and what danger the data leak poses to users.

“In this age, we all leave a significant digital footprint – and tech giants like Meta should take every precaution and means to protect that data,” said Cybernews research team leader Mantas Sasnauskas.

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