First words of Isabel Jiménez after the operation of Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero was operated on urgently after undergoing a review. As Lecturas progressed, the presenter entered the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra and immediately placed herself in the hands of the doctors. Next to her, her sister Irene, her mother and, of course, Isabel Jiménez. A personal friend of the presenter, it was Isabel herself who reported the last minute of Carbonero and how she is. It has been the collaborator Marta López who, after having been able to speak with the news presenter in the corridors of Telecinco, wanted to transmit her words.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Keep calm”. These have been the first words of Isabel Jiménez after the intervention to which Sara Carbonero has undergone. The presenter of Informativos Telecinco has met Marta López in makeup at Mediaset and she wanted to reassure everyone. The collaborator has insisted on the good face that Jiménez presented to make it clear that everything seems to have gone as usual in the journalist’s intervention. Shortly after, it was Jiménez herself who reappeared in public at her workplace.

Isabel Jiménez visits Sara Carbonero in the hospital

Isabel Jiménez visits Sara Carbonero in the hospital

Early this Thursday, Sara Carbonero received a visit from her mother Goyi and her sister. Both went to the clinic by car and with a serious face. Mother and daughter have not separated from the presenter’s side at any time.

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