Where is Nacho Taboada, Sara Carbonero’s boyfriend? The striking absence of him after the presenter’s operation

Despite the fact that Sara Carbonero has had to be operated on urgently, as ‘Lecturas’ has been able to find out exclusively, there has been no trace or movement of her current partner, the musician Nacho Taboada

Health has once again played a hard time for Sara Carbonero. The presenter has had to undergo emergency surgery, as ‘Lecturas’ has learnedafter undergoing a review. Supported by her sister Irene, by her mother and also by her close friend Isabel Jiménez, who was one of the first to go to the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, the journalist once again placed herself in the hands of the doctors. Particularly striking was the absence of Nacho Taboada at the hospital. The musician has not come to visit her, although he has not shown any signs of activity through his social networks either.

The departure of Iker Casillas to Qatar did little to presage what was happening in his real life. The footballer was leaving with the RTVE team to cover the World Cup while his ex-partner, Sara Carbonero, was admitted to the University Clinic of Navarra to be operated on again. This was how they had agreed, as this medium has been able to learn, to try to bring the situation back to normal. A decision that, seeing the rest of those involved, could have been replicated in the case of Nacho Taboada.

Despite the trance that Sara Carbonero has experienced in recent days, her current partner has not gone to the hospital to visit her. There we have been able to see both the closest family of the journalist and Isabel Jiménez, a close friend and partner of the presenter. Taboada’s absence has been more than striking. Nevertheless, The musician did not share any activity on his social networks either.. A silence that could have a lot to do with the situation they are experiencing.

Sara Carbonero arriving at the concert of her boyfriend Nacho Taboada in Madrid

Sara Carbonero arriving at a concert of her boyfriend Nacho Taboada in Madrid.


a discreet relationship

Since they started their relationship, Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada have tried to be as discreet as possible. The couple has jealously guarded their privacy, perhaps aware of the enormous repercussion generated by each of their movements. The occasions in which we have been able to see the couple together have been counted. Some escapade, some exit, moments that they have shared and have already saved in the curriculum of their history.

At the end of last month, the couple traveled to Copenhagen to celebrate the musician’s birthday. A romantic getaway that was added to the rumors that Sara and Nacho would already be thinking of living together, although not in a short period of time. The journalist’s family reality means that all steps must be taken calmly and calmly. Now, with the recent health bump that the presenter has suffered, the road takes a different perspective. She has to focus on recovery.

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