Freddy Civil, ex-brother-in-law of Amy Winehouse, dies at the age of 27 of an overdose

Freddy Civil, brother-in-law of Amy Winehousedied last year at the age of 27 due to an overdose, as revealed by an investigation at the Wakefield Coroner’s Court, England, in which he was present Blake Fielder-Civil, who was married to the singer between 2007 and 2009, and who is pointed out as one of the causes of the singer getting lost deeply in the world of drugs.

Freddy Civil was found dead on April 26, 2021. He was face down and half-naked in a hotel in Leeds, where he was staying with a friend. As reported by the Daily Mail, the reports revealed that he had gone through “fatal levels of morphine” in his body from injecting heroin.

Blake Fielder-Civil’s brother had previously escaped from a mental unit in Wakefield, where he was admitted in 2018 for committing a crime. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. The young man’s mother reported that her son had “filed a staff abuse complaint” from the psychiatric

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The young man’s death adds a new chapter of tragedies to Blake Fielder-Civil’s personal history, since the death of Amy Winehouse -also at the early age of 27-, It came two years after their relationship ended. He left her to go back to his ex-girlfriend. At that time, the singer resorted to taking pills. She had depression and suffered from bulimia.

The artist died of accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011 and, a year later, Blake Fielder-Civil He was in a coma after suffering an overdose. He was found drowned in his own vomit by his partner.

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