Two elderly men die from smoke in a fire in Móstoles

Two elderly men died in the early hours of this Tuesday due to smoke inhalation in a fire declared in a house in the Madrid town of Móstoles, reported the emergency services.

Four other people were also smoke intoxicated, although of a mild nature and they were discharged on the spot. A dog also died in the fire.

According to sources from the 112 of the Community of Madrid, the fire broke out in a building of the Painter El Greco street of Mostoles.

About the 0.18 hours, 112 received calls about the existence of a fire and the emergency services were immediately activated. six endowments The Fire Department of the Community of Madrid responded to the notice and put out the fire immediately.

The fire mainly affected a room, although the rest of the house was affected by the smoke.

The SUMMA112 troops who arrived at the scene could only confirm death of both men, without being able to do anything for his life.

The National Police investigate the causes and circumstances of the fire, according to the sources.

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