The items that the founder of Amazon recommends not to buy on Black Friday 2022

The discount campaign black friday It is one of the times of the year that generates the greatest profits for e-commerce giants like Amazon. However, its founder, Jeff Bezos, recommends be prudent regarding the purchases made at this time given the fear of an economic recession next year and advises refrain from buying certain items.

Bezos has been interviewed this week on the American chain CNNwhere he has advised citizens to postpone the purchase of those more expensive items that you have been looking at lately. “Try to reduce some risks in your life,” he has said about it.

“If an individual is thinking of buying a new big screen tvmaybe I should think better of it, keep that money and see what happens,” said the Amazon founder, who is considered the fourth richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Image of an Amazon company warehouse.

“The same happens with a refrigerator or a new careliminate some of those possible risks”, Bezos has continued to say, since, in his opinion, “the risk reduction it can make a big difference if we end up in a worse economic situation, you have to play the odds a bit.” Bezos has passed this advice on to both consumers and small business owners.

Regarding a possible economic recession in 2023, the billionaire has been prudent and maintains that “not even the most experienced economist could determine how long it will last”, so he recommends “be reasonable, eliminate unnecessary riskshope for the best, but prepare for the worst,” he concluded.

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