The TENSE confrontation between Jorge Javier Vázquez and Raquel Mosquera in the Deluxe: “This is very dirty”

Jorge Javier Vázquez has put the dots on Raquel Mosquera’s i’s after how complicated the job has been for the ‘Deluxe’ team during the management of her interview. The presenter has told him bluntly: “That is a total and absolute manipulation. This is very dirty”

Raquel Mosquera has sat on the set of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ after four months without stepping on a Mediaset set. The hairdresser disappeared from the sets before the documentary ‘In the name of Rocío’ began to be broadcast openly on Telecinco in which Rocío Carrasco has told the whole truth about her break with her media family, with José Ortega Cano and also with the one who was the wife of his father Pedro Carrasco. Raquel Mosquera has sat on the set of ‘Deluxe’ to try to respond to Rocío Jurado’s daughter.

As soon as he began his interview, he had a tense face-to-face meeting with Jorge Javier Vázquez in which the presenter told him face to face everything he thinks of her and how he has managed this whole situation. “We’ve been proposing you to come for two months and if we bring Beyoncé it makes fewer impositions… When you sit on a television set, you can’t say who’s a good professional and who isn’t a good professional… When a professional works on television, he has to be prepared to take off your panties every day. You have not stopped working when programming”, the presenter told him, making it clear that Raquel Mosquera has vetoed a long list of collaborators to face this complicated interview after everything that has come to light about her these months.

Jorge Javier Vazquez

Jorge Javier interviews Raquel Mosquera in ‘Sábado Deluxe’.


Raquel Mosquera has accused him of bringing that up because now Jorge Javier is a friend of Rocío Carrasco stating that he only wants “to be surrounded by objective professionals” and not to be disturbed. Jorge Javier has responded with a good zasca: “Yes, but that person has never vetoed anyone. It will be for something, it will be because he is not afraid to face others. Rachel, you lie. You look better if you accept the proposal of the program and say ‘Put me on whoever you want‘. And that later the public say how badly professional this collaborator or another is for being a friend of Rocío Carrasco. “I bring the documentation and I have asked that I be heard tonight,” Raquel Mosquera replied, not knowing very well how to respond to the forceful words of the presenter. “You have made a program to suit you”, Jorge Javier has sentenced.

Jorge Javier Vazquez and Raquel Mosquera

Jorge Javier to Raquel Mosquera: “That is total and absolute manipulation”

Raquel Mosquera, against the ropes, has told Jorge Javier that he was telling her all these things to make her nervous and that she could not explain herself in her interview. Jorge Javier, staying in his place at all times, He has not been silent: “That is total and absolute manipulation. That is very dirty, Raquel.” Jorge Javier Vázquez has reminded the former wife of Pedro Carrasco “of the contradictions and falsehoods” into which she has fallen, as has been demonstrated throughout the chapters of ‘In the name of Rocío’.

“I do have a documentary and to write a book but with truths. You know that many lies have been told and you have let it go through audience issues,” Raquel Mosquera replied. “We have caught you in a few, in many contradictions and in many falsehoods. You have even made demonic alliances, you have allied yourself with evil… You have disappointed me emotionally, you have fallen a lot. Today we can overcome it. And I tell you, I have known you for many years and when someone is disappointed it is because bonds of affection are established. I have been working with you for many years and when I listen to them you disappoint me, but because you have mattered to me”.

Jorge Javier Vazquez and Raquel Mosquera

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Raquel Mosquera in the ‘Deluxe’.


Raquel Mosquera’s lack of respect for Jorge Javier Vázquez

Jorge Javier Vázquez has asked Raquel Mosquera not to move to take care of the lighting for the ‘Sábado Deluxe’ team and the hairdresser has said that she doesn’t mind not having good light because she has no complexes. “You have called me self-conscious, fucking with the good person… Light is not a complex issue, it is a matter of helping the program. It is a respect for the program, and now you have not done it. You just called me self-conscious. It is a lack of respect”, the presenter has told him emphatically. And the night had only just begun…

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