“I have the last time I made love on my phone”

Daniel went this Thursday to first dates in search of love, since, as he himself recognized: “I haven’t made love since January 2021. And I know because I have it written down on my phone”.

Carlos Sobera was in charge of receiving him and asking him about his sentimental life: “I’ve only been in a relationship for two and a half years, but it didn’t end very well.”affirmed the man from Salamanca.

She dropped me off at a bus stop. I got on and left and the same day I was already posting photos with another guy on social media, “she recalled.

And he added that “I think they didn’t cheat on meI want to have confidence that no, although we all know that yes“.

Daniel and Carlos Sobera, in 'First dates'.
Daniel and Carlos Sobera, in ‘First dates’.

your date was Irenea student from Madrid who commented in her presentation that “I really like karaoke because now, that I’m more extroverted, I get up on stage and have a great time”he claimed.

“I thought she was very pretty and I really liked her tattoos, it’s the first thing I noticed,” Daniel acknowledged as soon as he saw the young woman enter the Cuatro store. “It’s unclassifiable, I don’t know how to classify it”Irene admitted.

Irene and Daniel, in 'First dates'.
Irene and Daniel, in ‘First dates’.

During dinner they chatted about their hobbies such as art or karaokewhere both coincided for their love for music, since he had a band and she loved to sing.

But the constant silences between the two for not knowing what to say during the evening took their toll. and, in the end, Daniel did want to have a second date, but Irene, on the other hand, preferred not to meet again.

Daniel and Irene, in 'First dates'.
Daniel and Irene, in ‘First dates’.

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