Primary Care doctors in Madrid join the strike since November 21

the medical union Amyts called this Tuesday indefinite strike of Primary Care doctors and pediatricians from the next day November 21 to denounce theoverload” that health centers suffer and the situation of “chaos” with the opening of the new out-of-hospital emergency model.

In a statement, the union organization has demanded that the Ministry of Health sit down to negotiate “a real crash plan” that allows to face the problem that has been generated in the health centers. “The people of Madrid deserve to have a Primary Care of quality and you don’t wait for more than a week to be able to see your family doctor or pediatrician”, he defended.

Amyts has called for a strike 4,240 family doctors and 720 paediatricians “Faced with the overload of health centers, the endless schedules and the lack of time to care for patients.”

A moment of the concentration of doctors this Monday in front of the Ministry of Health.

In this way, the Primary Care doctors join the strike also in solidarity with the colleagues of the Continuous Care Points (PAC) “and in the midst of a Primary Care Management headless, without solutions and with resignations before the drift of this level of care”, he pointed out.

The call comes in the midst of a crisis in the Ministry of Health, with dismissals and resignations in the management of Primary Care and a strike in progress due to the restructuring problems of the outpatient emergencies.

“While they criticize, the authorities repeat over and over again that the problem in the health centers is due to a question of human Resources as there are no facultative They consider it uncertain: in Madrid, they say, they have had, in the last two years, the opportunity to retain 443 new family doctors who finished their residency, but only 37 chose the ‘stable’ contracts offered by the Ministry of Health ; in the case of paediatricians, of 155 who finished in 2021 and 2022, only six chose these Administration contracts,” explained Amyts.

Likewise, they have criticized that it has already been normalized that a Primary Care doctor “see more than 50 or 60 patients” during their working day. They assure that they promote this indefinite strike “because we consider that the basic principles have been lost of the specialty of Family and Community Medicine, as well as Pediatrics”.

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