Two journalists arrested for allegedly participating in the organization of the vandalism in the Prado

Two more women a journalist and another studente, have been arrested this Sunday morning for allegedly participating in the organization of the vandalism in the ‘Las Majas’ room of the Prado Museum that two environmental activists from Futuro Vegetal carried out on Saturday and who were also arrested later, according to confirmed police sources.

After viewing the images from the museum’s security cameras and the taking of statements by several witnesses, as indicated by the same sources, it has been verified that the two detainees also participated in the organization of the act of vandalism.

Both are charged with crimes for property damage and Disturbance of public order.

As confirmed by the journalist’s lawyer, both she and the student were at the scene to report the action of the activists who stuck their hands to the picture frames the naked maja Y the maja dressedafter writing on the wall the message ‘+1.5º’ to “warn about the global temperature rise that will cause an unstable climate and serious consequences throughout the planet”.

The detainees are found arrested at the Arganzuela police station (Madrid) since his arrest and his lawyer has informed the newspaper The jumpwhere both collaborate, who hopes that they will go to court to be transferred to the court on Monday.

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