The discreet life of Juan and Jaime Muñoz, children of Ana Rosa Quintana, when they turn 18

Juan and Jaime Muñoz, the twins of Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz, celebrate their birthday this Monday. Very discreet when it comes to the lives of her children, the few times she has spoken about them she has done so with great pride.

This Sunday, November 6, has once again been a reason for celebration for Ana Rosa Quintana. When it is about to be a month since her long-awaited return to television after a year focused on her treatment for breast cancer that was diagnosed in 2021, they are celebrating their birthday at the home of the morning queen of Telecinco. Jaime and Juan Muñoz, the twin children of Ana Rosa Quintana and businessman Juan Muñoz have reached the age of majority. The presenter has been very discreet when talking about them, but when she has broken that unwritten ‘golden rule’ she has done so with great pride.

These last few months in Ana Rosa’s life have been especially complicated given her illness, but it is fair to say that thanks to the support and affection, above all, of her husband and her children, she has been able to live it serenely and focused on what that really matters. The good moment of the presenter after this bump makes this date a special family moment with many reasons to toast. Support, company, motivation and the best reason to focus on their recovery, Jaime and Juan have been fundamental at a crucial moment for their mother. “It is a disease that the whole family suffers from, not just those of us who are living it. They suffer exactly the same. I have been very lucky, a very united family,” she revealed excitedly on her return to the sets. Her husband and two of her children did not want to miss this important moment for her, and they lived it live and with great emotion behind the cameras.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz, in a 2016 photo with their twin sons, who have just turned 18

Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz, in a 2016 photo with their twin sons, who have just turned 18


Very discreet, they have grown and developed apart from the enormous fame of Ana Rosa Quintana, following the example of his older brother, the result of the marriage of the journalist and Alfonso Rojo. Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz became the parents of the twins Jaime and Juan, their first children together, on November 6, 2004. The journalist gave birth at the age of 48 at the Rosario Clinic in Madrid to two precious babies and highly desired, which filled the couple with happiness, after a pregnancy that she has always presumed was “terrific” and that allowed her to continue working normally until her final stretch, practically.

Thanks to the flashes that Ana Rosa Quintana has been telling about them, we can know some details about their character, their tastes and hobbies. The Telecinco presenter could not be more proud of them, because Jaime and Juan have come out very applied and have taken their studies very seriously, but without neglecting other healthy habits such as sports, especially teamwork (one enjoys football and the other with rugby). In 2019, at the press conference that ‘The AR program’ has always given to take stock of the finished season before going on vacation, the journalist spoke of them happily: “The little ones are not so little anymore! They are 14 to 15 and, at the moment, adolescence is going very well. They are boys and it is not the same as a girl because although they are very big (in size) they are still very childish.

On the occasion of the declaration of the State of Alarm in 2020, Ana Rosa revealed that one of them was studying abroad. “I went to look for my son who was studying abroad and we have agreed that this guy come to spend here,” she said on that occasion. Those weeks were very special in the home of the presenter and the businessman, living 24 hours a day with two teenagers. “We are surprised by the maturity with which they are handling this situation,” he said on that occasion. “It is also true that they are with the machines all day”, revealed amused, although she was moved to confess how much she missed hugging them. “By leaving home I am keeping a physical distance from them and I dream of being able to hug my children and my friends,” she would say.

As to whether they will follow in their professional footsteps, Ana Rosa Quintana has also been clearing up doubts. From her words, she slips that Jaime and Juan seem focused on training in other areas that she cannot even imagine. “At the moment, none of them are interested in Journalism, although they are still too young to know it. They are still with the console games,” she said in 2019. “My twin sons’ generation will work in things that we still don’t know about and professions that don’t exist,” he concluded.

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