Those arrested for vandalizing ‘Las Majas’ in El Prado had a map with instructions on security

The Police have intervened on the two activists who this Saturday have glued their hands to two Goya paintings in the Prado Museum, a map of the art gallery with safety instructions, paint and glue.

Is about an 18-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman of Spanish nationality who have been arrested for disturbing public order and damage and who will go to court after declaring at the police station, sources from the body have reported.

Both are part of the environmental organization Vegetable Future, which has distributed the images of the action through Twitter around 1:30 p.m. this Saturday. The Prado Museum has confirmed that, after a first inspection, the works have not been damaged, but their frames have been damaged, in particular the one in the naked maja.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida

The room where the works are located, 038, has been reopened after the art gallery has decided to close it to assess the damage, as it has said in a statement showing its “condemn and repudiate” for the action.

In addition to sticking their hands to the picture frames, the activists have written on the wall between the two canvases. “+1.5°”referring to the UN announcement of the impossibility of complying with the Paris Agreement on climate change.

According to the first inspection of worksthe canvases have not been damaged, but their frames have, especially the one in the naked maja.

The Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, has shown in a written message on Twitter his “most absolute rejection” to what he has considered “an act of vandalism”.

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