“We like to highlight the role of women in science”

Disseminate, entertain and inspire. These are the great purposes of Garuna Effect, a project by Arima Rodríguez and Rubén Sierra. Through Tik Tok, YouTube and other platforms, these young creators teach scientific curiosities while talking about manga, video games, series or movies from the “freak” world. Superheroes, pokemons and other fantastic creatures are mixed with theories of physics, chemistry or biology to bring these subjects to a young audience. The work of these science communicators has led them to win the jury prize of the first edition of the Creators Awards.

Who is behind Garuna Effect?

RS The main face is us, we could say 80%, but it is a fairly familiar and friendly project. People close to us give us everything they can and help us in everything. In the end they are always behind.

5,000 euros are not earned every day, what are they going to do with them?

RS An important part of our project is the shows and we go around Spain performing them, with which a large part of that money will be used for the activity itself and to improve all the work we do.

AR Not only do we have social networks, but we love to get on stage. We grow a lot and we love being face to face with the public. Many times the budget is exactly what is missing, so it will come in handy.

Carlos López Otín delivers his speech after receiving the 20minutes award at the Creators Awards.

They say that a pokeball can be a weapon of mass destruction?

AR Although it sounds very strong, in reality it can be, and this is not me saying it, our friend Einstein says it. RS When you throw a pokeball at a pokémon and turn it into light, that transformation is brutal, it would be comparable to two nuclear bombs.

They talk about promoting the role of women and girls in science, would you say that we are on the right track?

AR I think that we are on the right track, we see it on stage. We like to highlight the role of women in science and scientific women in manga, series… Let it be seen that they exist. And really in the shows there is a lot of female audience, more and more.

What is your main motivation?

RS The project arises from the fact that we have always liked scenarios. I have been a comedian for eleven years and Arima has been a monitor and teacher. AR We both grow a lot with the public. We felt that there were few science-related events that were fun and we jumped at it. From the moment we got on stage, everything was shot, until the covid arrived, of course.

Laura Ríos, creator of 'Route through Madrid'.

What is the weirdest place to find science?

RS Science is really in everything. Marvel is the tip of the iceberg, if you delve into manga, anime, video games, anything can be sharpened. The good thing is that through science you also discover works that are not so popular.

Do science and the imaginary worlds of manga, anime or video games complement each other well?

RS If you want to complement each other great, the sky is the limit. In fact, as in science fiction there are no limits, science trying to explain these phenomena is super beautiful, spectacular things come out. We do numbers and accounts of bar geek conversations to reach scientific conclusions.

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