Sentenced to 45 years in prison for abusing day laborers who worked for him in Murcia

The fifth section of the Provincial Court of Murcia has sentenced sentences totaling 45 years of prison and five of probation to a men that abuse sexually of six day laborers to whom he offered work on the farm he operated in the municipality of Cartagena.

The sentence condemns him to six sentences of seven years in prison each for as many crimes of continued sexual abuse and other three for a crime against human rights from the workers.

The court considers it proven that the defendant, MZ, who was imprisoned for these events in September 2020, took advantage of abuse of female workers of their special vulnerability, as they find themselves in an irregular situation in Spain and have family responsibilities to care for in their country of origin, in North Africa.

The Civil Guard turns the businessman's house upside down.  They are looking for Ibrahima, a Senegalese day laborer, who disappeared in January of last year after an argument with his employer.  The agents use dogs in search of biological remains, because the businessman was already investigated 9 years ago for the mysterious disappearance of another immigrant who worked for him.

The sentence also condemns him to compensate each of the injured with thirty thousand euros for moral damages.

For the court, the exculpatory version offered by the accused in the oral hearing, which attributed the complaint to one revenge and the desire of these day laborers to see their situation regularized in Spain.

The trial took place last September in the courthouse of Cartagena and began with the testimony offered by the accused and the injured parties.

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