Anti-corruption demands sentences of up to 21 years in prison and a fine of three million for the 3% case at the time of Artur Mas

The Anticorruption Prosecutor requests sentences of up to 21 years in prison for illegal financing of the extinct Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) for nearly a decade.

In his indictment on what is known as the 3% case -because of the percentage that employers had to pay for training as donations in exchange for obtaining awards- he also asks the CDC or its substitute PDeCat, three million euros fine.

The writing is directed against 30 natural persons and 14 mercantile, in addition to the two parties, and accuses all of them of criminal organization, money laundering, fraud against the Administration, bribery, prevarication, influence peddling and money laundering.

Among the accused are the former managers, former treasurers and heads of finances of the CDC: AAndreu Viloca, Francesc Sanchez, Daniel Oscar, Carles del Pozo and Anna Dolors Benítez, as well as the former Minister of Justice of the Generalitat, Germán Gordó.

(There will be expansion)

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