the rise of inflation pushes the demand in search of the bargain almost 30%

Let’s not fool ourselves: we all like brand new. Buying a new television, pants that become fashionable or having the latest generation mobile phone on the market means giving ourselves that whim that fills us with satisfaction but that sometimes we do not dare because of its price. In this time of economic crisiswith the cost of living skyrocketing inflationthat doubt increases and we think a thousand times about the expenses that we can make or not.

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But if we have already decided to buy a certain product and we do not want or cannot pay what it costs new in the store, a good option is to buy it second-hand. Knowledgeable sources of the sector consulted by 20 minutes put the average savings between 40 and 50%although depending on the type of product, its age and its state of conservation, this percentage can range between 15 and 70%. The same sources detail that the goods that lose value faster are the cars, appliances, clothes, books and some furniture, so buying them second-hand means greater savings for buyers.

To check it, just take a look at the website of Cash Converters, the only worldwide franchise specializing in the purchase and sale of second-hand items that also has 75 physical stores in Spain. There we can check how a Iphone 7 32 gigabytes in excellent condition can be purchased for 179.95 euros, obtaining a final saving of 73% compared to its price if it were bought as new (669 euros). On the other hand, in a much more recent model such as the 512 gigabyte Iphone 14 Plus in a very good condition, the savings would only be 15%.

The interest in used items grows by 29%

It is a fact that the second-hand market has become a preferred consumer option in Spain in recent years, especially with the appearance of new digital platforms for buying and selling such as Wallapop or Wintedand the consolidation of other existing ones such as Milanuncios.

It is the star product when it comes to second-hand purchases.  And it is that of all those surveyed, 30.4% confessed to having bought clothes in the previous twelve months.

However, as a result of the rise in the prices of goods and services, the interest of Spaniards in buy second-hand products.

Specifically, between May and September of this year, demand has increased by an average of 29%growing for all product categories, according to a recent analysis by Milanuncios, which has detected an especially significant increase of up to 68% in views in the fashion and accessories categories. This trend has also occurred to a greater or lesser extent in other similar platforms and it is common for there to be an increase in consumer interest in saving in situations of economic instability.

In this sense, the latest survey for the Close the Circle initiative, promoted by Milanuncios and which has more than 1,000 interviews, reflects that 60% of Spaniards buy on the second hand market for the price. But it is not the only factor to buy used products. The concern for the environment and for achieving a more sustainable society are also present.

Thus, the same study reveals that 84% of users consider that promoting second-hand consumption is commit to more sustainable consumption. In addition, 89% of consumers in Spain affirm their desire to be less polluting. To do this, avoid food waste (22.6%), recycle (21.9%), donate unused clothes (17.6%) or use public transport or sustainable vehicles (10.4%).

Tips to maximize savings

To make the most of the benefits of the second hand market and achieve a successful sale that maximizes savings, Milanuncios has given a series of recommendations to follow:

-Attention to the ‘urgent’ and the ‘for sale due to moving’. When for any reason a seller is in a hurry to sell the item, “it can probably be obtained at a better price” than the initial price.

-Negotiate by volume. In case the seller offers several products that interest us, we can “try to negotiate in volume to get a greater discount”.

-Play with the times. “There are opportunities to get an even bigger discount if we know how to identify market movements that could devalue the item we are looking for, such as the launch of a newer model.”

-For sellers, take care of the photos. To have the best chance of selling an item, “pay special attention to the quality of the photos and include a detailed description, reliable contact information and availability to serve buyers.”

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