Christian Gálvez’s romantic message to Patricia Pardo after helping him overcome “the worst moment” of his life

Christian Gálvez has said goodbye to the program ‘High tension’ after its cancellation with some sincere and precious words to Patricia Pardo

“The time has come to say goodbye and, as I announced every time a contestant did not pass the repechage, a goodbye means a new ‘hello’. We keep walking. And most important of all: my path is full of Light” . With these words, Christian Galvez he said goodbye to his audience and all those people who have accompanied him during his stage in ‘Alta tension’. A message on social networks to which Patricia Pardo quickly reacted: “The light is you,” she replied.

This message has not been the only one. From the set of ‘High tension’, before turning off the spotlights forever, Christian has been honest as never before with his viewers about how important this program has been for him: “I started this program a few months ago, possibly at the worst time of my life. I would like to apologize if at any time I did not measure up, since I knew very well what darkness is. The audience laughed at me, when it wasn’t funny, and applauded me, I don’t know if they deserved it. Thank you for being by my side all this time.”

Christian Galvez

Christian Gálvez sends a message of thanks to Patricia Pardo


In his speech, Christian Gálvez has not forgotten the spectators, the team, the trust of the producer… But among the entire list of thanks, the presenter wanted to give a special place to Patricia Pardo: “After the darkness , there is always light. I met someone who taught me the light, the path and happiness. So, to you, companion, in the end, and in spite of everything, the roses bloomed. Thank you“Words in which he records that the presenter of ‘El Programa de AR’ was essential to get out of that mental pothole in which he found himself.

The couple, who is about to celebrate their first anniversary together, decided to take their relationship one step further and moved in together in the chalet where Patricia lives with her two daughters. Judging by this exchange of messages, theirs is going great and far from hiding it, shouting her love publicly when they have the opportunity.

Patricia Pardo and Christian Galvez

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez, between jokes in ‘El Programa del Verano’.


New project in Mediaset

Christian Gálvez is already working on the imminent premiere of ’25 Palabras, the adaptation of the contest ’25 Words or Less’. Space that as it has transpired will have two contestants and four celebrities divided into two teams that will have to overcome the three established rounds. “Are you ready to use words properly? Calculate how many you need to win and start guessing with your team all the ones we present to you, with clues such as synonyms and related words,” says the Telecinco promo.

Unlike ‘Pasapalabra’, one of the attractions of this new contest that is already a success in the United States is that it will be live and viewers will also be able to participate, opting for different prizes from home.

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