Provisional release for the woman arrested for kidnapping a baby in Bilbao

The young woman arrested last Thursday for the kidnapping of a baby in the maternity hospital of Basurto, in Bilbao, has left the guard court of the Biscayan capital this afternoon after decreeing his parole without any precautionary measure.

The woman had gone to court this Saturday after half past eleven in the morning after remaining in police facilities since his arrest.

In her statement, the young woman, who has passed a forensic examination, has acknowledged the facts before the duty judge and her lawyer had applied for admission to a psychiatric facilitysince that is what the detainee herself and her family wanted, as explained by her lawyer.

The 24-year-old woman identified by the Ertzaintza as the alleged perpetrator of the kidnapping of a baby at the Basurto Hospital in Bilbao has been arrested in the Zorrotza neighborhood, according to sources from the Basque Department of Security.

However, finally, in a car, notified late this afternoon, the judge has decreed provisional release without charge for women without any measure and the procedure will continue. The investigation of the case will be carried out by another court, according to sources from the TSJPV.

After notifying the car, around 20:25 in the afternoon, the young woman has left the guard court, along with a relative and his lawyer.

The young woman has left the judicial premises with her head bowed, which she covered with a red jacket. Neither she nor her lawyer have wanted to make any kind of statement and have quickly walked away from the court, while the woman who accompanied them, a relative of the accused, has urged the media to stop “this circus”.

signs of kidnapping

The judge, for his part, appreciates well-founded evidence of the commission of a crime of illegal detention after taking a statement from the young woman, for which the investigation procedure will continue in the corresponding court.

According to judicial sources, There is no risk of escape or destruction of evidence, after the young woman had admitted the facts and the evidence had been obtained. On the other hand, the report of the emergency doctor and the coroner have not considered medical internment necessary.

distressing hours

The alleged perpetrator of these events agreed to the hospital last Wednesday about nine p.m and, posing as health personnel, he kidnapped the newborn from the plant where he was and fled the place.

After a whole night of searching and investigations, at 08:15 a.m. last Thursday, the baby was located, who had been abandoned by the author of the act. on the doormat of a house in the Santutxu neighborhood. Immediately, the newborn was treated by the medical services displaced to the place and his good health was verified.

The investigations also made it possible to identify the young woman, who, after an intense search, was located and arrested at 10:45 a.m. in Plaza Azoka in the Bilbao neighborhood of Zorrotza.

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