Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón take the first and long-awaited step towards their divorce

According to what they have told in ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’, due to the last gesture that Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón have had, they would already be considering what their divorce agreement will be like

Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón do not get rid of being protagonists for a day. for months, the situation between the couple is being the most commented, and even they have spoken about it. Just two weeks ago, the designer was commissioned to confirm their separation. This gave rise to Ortega Cano sitting on the set of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ and starring in an interview that went a long way for the statements he made. Since then, she has reiterated her breakup and that although they live together and they have a cordial relationship, they are no longer a couple. For his part, he has been very tense even in the middle of the street, and has even had to visit a hospital. To all this now we must add something else, which is that they have already given the first step to your divorce.

As Sandra Aladro told this morning on ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, “after the interview there is a certain change of attitude. Ortega Cano understands that he has to face the situation as it is and I can confirm that a few days ago the couple finally sat down to talk about the separation and they have put on the table the possible scenarios and the terms that each one wants to get to formalize it”. With these words, the journalist has assured that the married couple has already sat down to talk about how they are going to deal with their divorce and what agreements they would try to reach. “It is a matter of time before they agree or not, but they have already named it”Sandra continued.

Ana Maria Aldon Ortega Cano

Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano when they were together.

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A divorce settlement is sometimes complicated by the interests of each party. Now we have to see what happens with some of the issues they have in common and that they will have to manage from the point of view of their separation. But as they have commented in the morning program of Telecinco, “It has been very few days and as far as I can get wet, I think there will be no big problems”. So everything indicates that Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano would be trying to reach a divorce agreement as cordial as possible, in which there are no problems and so that each one can continue with their lives separately with the greatest possible peace of mind. For now, we will have to wait to see if any of the protagonists will comment on the matter in the coming days because for now they have preferred not to comment on this issue.

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