What areas will the heavy rains affect?

The first episode of intense autumn rains arrives in Spain. This Wednesday the weather will change due to the presence “of a zone of low pressure in the Atlantic” and to the “atmospheric river that will bring more water from subtropical latitudes”, the experts at explain.

This week is marked by the entry of several deep storms to the west of the peninsula. As of this Wednesday, October 19, the rains will begin with the arrival of the first front, which could “be abundant in Galicia from the first hour” and that they will be moving “through the interior of Asturias, west of Castilla y León and Extremadura”, they add. Rainfall will spread “through the peninsular northwest quadrant, reaching the Iberian and the Pyrenees.”

The first autumn rains arrive

By Thursday, a new front will arrive and precipitation in the form of rain will advance from the west. “They will be less likely in the peninsular Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands, although cloudiness will arrive,” they clarify. The week will be marked by rains and the most affected areas they will be “the west of Galicia and the north of Cáceres, where they could accumulate more than 200 mm”.

As for temperatures, they will also drop considerably from this Wednesday. “Even in the east it will be hot, with 33 °C in Zaragoza and 32 °C in Murcia”, but already on Thursday they will also go down in these areas, leaving “more normal values ​​for the time on the peninsular Atlantic slope”. However, in the east of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands they will continue to be high for the time of October in which we find ourselves.

The succession of storms this week will bring fronts that, together with the subtropical atmospheric river, “could leave abundant rains in points of the west of the country”, they add. “We come from a very hot beginning of October in general, but it seems that this is coming to an end,” they conclude.

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