“They argued when he was drunk”

Telecinco issued this Monday, October 17, a new installment of In the name of Rocio. In it, Rocío Carrasco focused on recounting the last moments of her mother, her disagreements with her brothers and how José Ortega Cano behaved with The biggestwhich according to Carrasco was “like a very bad person”.

Among other moments, Carrasco narrated how Ortega Cano kicked his mother out of La Yerbabuena: “One day she called me at three in the morning and asked me to go pick her up. We ran there and I found her sitting on the stairs of the farm with two suitcases,” he recalled.

His mother also forbade him to enter the building to speak with the bullfighter. “She just got in the car and asked me to leave. She wasn’t one for scandals, calling you with a nervous breakdown, at least not me. She knew that this could lead me to a situation that might not be pleasant. He told me very serene, short and with sorrow. with a fragile voice“, described the protagonist of the docuseries.

Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to know if there was abuse before that episode and, although Carrasco refused to answer, he did reveal that it was not the first time it had happened, and that on other occasions José Ortega Cano had told Rocío Jurado to leave home. In addition, he commented that if the same thing did not happen in Moraleja because it was owned by Dew Sworn.

He also said that the bullfighter had misbehaved with his mother on many occasions, and that I would have to accept it sooner or later.

“He did not act well with my mother, when he had her by his side he did not respect her. There were unforgivable situations that did not have to happen. They argued many times when he was drunk. When she was upset, she would sneak into her room and even spend a whole day in her room. Having to see a man on television crying, saying that she is the woman of his life … my life, shut up, “she said, referring to the interview that Ortega Cano gave in Ana Rosa’s program.

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