free centers for cancer patients in Andalusia and Madrid

Jesús Candel, the doctor from Granada known as Spiritmanhas left an indelible mark after his death that has been the result of his constant demands in defense of public health. That legacy has emerged in the form of a project, the Cancer Patient Support Unit Foundation (UAPO), in which Candel had turned especially in recent years.

It was in 2020 when the Andalusian doctor was diagnosed with lung cancer in its most advanced stage and with multiple metastases throughout the body.

As he himself has told on more than one occasion on his social networks, the strong treatments he received weakened his body, but it was thanks to the physiotherapy and physical exercise that Candel was able to cope with the medication he was receiving in another way. “She improved my quality of life, my sleep, my appetite and my will to live so much,” she said.

Who was 'Spiriman'

This led him to promote the UAPOdirected by his friend and coach Javier Cánovas, and in collaboration with the University of Granada, which free help for people with cancer through physical education, physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition so that these patients improve their quality of life and their recovery, as highlighted in his web page.

Since its start-up, the UAPO has opened several of these units in Granada, Malaga and Madrida complete success.

The donations corporations and partners fully pay for treatment cancer patients receive in these interdisciplinary units.

“We have not approached it as a business, It’s freebecause there are thousands of people who give their eurillo a month or whatever they can give, and that’s how it’s free for people”, explained Spiriman in one of his multiple videos published on Instagram where he disclosed the work that is done in these units .

As Spiriman himself clarified, these one-off donations from thousands of people “enable anyone with cancer to receive a treatment that would cost between 1,000-1,200 euros at least monthly.

The UAPO has been the latest adventure of Jesús Candel, whose legacy continues to grow with new partners and contributionsand the dream of continuing to expand new centers throughout Spain.

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