her husband left her for being gay and her daughter surrendered to the sect of Charles Manson

Actress Angela Lansbury, star of the popular television series It has written a crime, He passed away this Tuesday at the age of 96 at his home in Los Angeles (USA). His goodbye left a great void in the world of fiction, which allowed him to escape from the potholes of life.

Like everyone else, Lansbury had a life of good, regular and very bad streaks. However, it is true that in his history there are really complicated episodes that were quite painful for her, both on a sentimental and family level.

One of the most notorious is the one who lived after his first marriage. The interpreter married actor Richard Cromwell in 1945, but her story lasted a short time: at nine months, her husband broke up with her through a note that left her devastated. She didn’t understand anything.

Her ex-husband Richard Cromwell left her with a note

Shortly after, he discovered that his ex-partner was homosexual. “I was shocked when it all ended because I wasn’t ready for it. It was a big mistake to have married so young,” the actress confessed in an interview on RadioTimes.

At that time he was 19 years old, and he remained friends with the actor until the day of his death. “I don’t regret having been with him, and I am very sorry for the sadness that this caused him on his way … “, he pointed out.

Her second husband was Peter Shaw, with whom she remained until his death in 2003. With him she had two children, Anthony and Deirdre; and she adopted the one from her husband, David. A few years later, a difficult stage awaited him.

The hell of his children under the drugs and the eye of Manson

Their children ended up being addicted to drugs. They started fooling around with cannabis in Malibu, but the situation got worse: Anthony fell under the clutches of cocaine and heroin while Deirdre joined the feared family of the murderer Charles Manson, executor of murders like that of actress Sharon Tate, the woman with which Roman Polansky I was expecting a baby.

“It pains me to say it, but Deirdre was in the group led by Charles Manson,” Lansbury revealed to Daily Mail in 2014. “He was among the young people who knew him and were fascinated with that extraordinary character, charismatic in many ways, there is no doubt about it,” he said.

A drastic decision, but right

Scared for her children’s future, Lansbury decided to pack her bags and move with them to Ireland, where both young people overcame their addictions after going through a rehabilitation process. He never regretted his decision, because he managed to save his family from excesses.

“It filled me with dread. Peter and I had no idea what had been going on. We had no experience with drugs. […] We didn’t know the meaning of finding a pipe in a drawer. Why would we? And when we did, we didn’t know how to help them. There was no expert back then who could give advice to parents of children from good families who overdosed on drugs. It was like an epidemic “, he commented in the aforementioned interview.

There he came to acquire a country house where he used to spend every summer. It was her place of peace and quiet, where she could pursue hobbies such as gardening, reading or cooking.

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