Laura Matamoros, Anabel Pantoja… ALL the reactions to the engagement of Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo

Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo have announced with great fanfare their next engagement and the reactions have not been long in coming

This Sunday, Kiko Matamoros and Marta Lopez Alamo They surprised us with the announcement of their engagement after three years of a happy relationship: “Finally I’m telling you that this happened a few days ago. Some of our friends and family already knew about it and we wanted to share it with you. It couldn’t make me happier to marry you: yes I do, my love. We’re going to a wedding!” The model wrote along with a battery of images in which she boasts of an impressive ring.

The reactions were unexpected. Anabel Pantoja, Irene Rosales, Alejandra Rubio, Carla Barber, Alba Carrillo, Tania Medina or Ana Luque, among others, have congratulated the couple with messages full of affection. “What an illusion!”, “Congratulations” or “Congratulations couple”, were the words that were repeated the most in a post that already has more than 36,000 followers. But If there is a message that has stood out above the rest because of the bond that unites the couple, it is that of Laura Matamoros.

The collaborator’s daughter was one of the first to react to the publication with several hearts, a gesture that reflects that the influencer fully supports the couple’s decision to formalize their relationship with a wedding in style. Of course, no trace of any of her brothers, although as Marta López Álamo has assured, their respective families were the first to know the news.

At the moment it is unknown if the couple already has a date, but throughout these years together the couple has been sharing details of what the wedding of their dreams would be like. “We would like to have a beautiful wedding and that everyone is happy,” revealed Kiko Matamoros recently who has found in Marta the woman of her life. It will be a great church wedding that will take place in Madrid and that you will have countless familiar faces among your guests. Will this be the perfect opportunity for the collaborator to recover his relationship with his daughter, Anita? Only time will tell…

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