Rosa Benito REACTS to Rocío Carrasco’s lawsuit

The broadcast of ‘In the name of Rocío’ is bringing up hitherto unknown details of how Amador Mohedano, Rosa Benito, Gloria Mohedano and José Ortega Cano behaved with Rocío Jurado in the final stretch of his life. With evidence, Rocío Carrasco has dismantled one by one the contradictions of Amador Mohedano’s ex-wife, revelations that have put the hairdresser against the wall.

The latest and incendiary statements by Rosa Benito in ‘Fiesta’ where she denied Rocío Carrasco’s version has been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Exhausted from fighting against her current, she has announced legal action against her: “You cannot accuse of falsifying a private document because it is typified in the Penal Code (…) The one who has to learn to add is you, you don’t just have to have your tongue and your little finger loose“, it exploded.

Throughout all these months in which the war between Rocío Carrasco and her most mediatic family has increased, the one who was a collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’ has used her social networks to openly attack all those who do not support her version . This Friday without going any further and after Jorge Javier Vázquez reminded him of everything he said about José Fernando, Ortega Cano’s son, behind the cameras of ‘Sálvame’, he has made a saying his own with which he reveals what his position.

“Nothing is more valuable than laughter. Laugh with all your might and let yourself be carried away by it, it frees you and makes you feel at peace”, has written next to a snapshot in which he poses most smiling. Is it a covert message? What does Rosa Benito mean with these words?

rose benedict

Rosa Benito’s striking reaction on social networks

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What is evident is that Rosa Benito is not in a position to reply to her niece or to those who were her companions for years, which is why she has reacted in this ambiguous way. “He has been spreading information all his life and he has such a mess in his head that he no longer remembers what things he has said to each one”declared Jorge Javier Vázquez referring to the innumerable occasions in which Rosa Benito has changed her version of her life alongside Rocío Jurado.

“He does not remember that one day he turned Ortega Cano green, he does not remember that one day he said that Fidel was wonderful, he does not remember that he said that his niece was the best in the world … “, Jorge Javier listed in ‘Sálvame’ determined to unmask Rosa Benito once and for all.

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