The CGI of ‘The Rings of Power’ does its thing again, the most expensive series in history angers fans again

The CGI’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has provoked numerous comments denouncing its exacerbated use. A fact that has caused various scenes to have been criticized by digital effects like duplicating extrasespecially striking in the scene where Bronwyn heads to her village.

The sequence in question has created controversy on social networks, where it causes confusion that this happens in one of the most expensive series in television history. Nevertheless, this technique was advocated by an unexpected figure, the director of the anime CastlevaniaSamuel Deats. “Literally all the crowds in Castlevania They are full of duplicates. Have you ever tried to draw so many people? It’s the worst. We’d rather spend our time making everything else hotter.”

the rings of power It stood out at its premiere for an impressive visual invoice, which for many was deflating with the premiere of its episodes. A fact that also affected the design of the new wargswhich inevitably drew comparisons to those that appeared in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy.

“But it does look better than the Peter Jackson movies! Ladies and gentlemen, the worst CGI of the year goes to the direwolf of the rings of power“.

“The orc of The rings of power: ‘Release the direwolf!’

Some artistic decisions of a dubious character, added to kits that occurred in moments as relevant as the conversation between Arondir and Adar. A dialogue in which we saw the actor Ismael Cruz Córdova losing his elf ears. An error that could have been easily fixed in post-production, especially considering the millionaire figure that the Prime Video series has cost.

However, it is not the only production that suffers the consequences of the CGI abuse. the house of the dragon He has also faced his own criticism before the appearance of the green chroma key on the scene. A failure of those in charge of post-production, which also added to the complaints about the dark tone. A controversy that already arose at the time with Game of Thrones.

'The house of the dragon'

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