Rocío Carrasco reveals the most “grotesque and disgusting” moment lived with the Mohedano

In each of the episodes of ‘In the name of Rocío’, Rocío Carrasco leaves no one indifferent. In chapter 8, Rocío Jurado’s daughter recounts one of the most complicated moments, that of his mother’s illness. The singer was hospitalized for a time in Houston as a result of the cancer that she suffered, and in the hospital there were some unpleasant moments that still move her daughter today when she remembers them. Among them, some closely related to the discomfort she felt due to the behavior of some of her relatives, among other issues for money.

Rocío Carrasco has gone back to the moment of traveling to Houston and has revealed that the tickets for “Amador, Gloria, José Antonio, José and Rosa are paid by my mother. Fidel and I paid for them”. In addition, he explained that they did not have to pay for accommodation because they were “two floors owned by a Mexican couple. I have immense love for them and I am eternally grateful for everything they did for us.” And she has been remembering the coexistence in those houses when the daughter of Rocío Jurado has uncovered that “when we were at home, Fidel and I used to go out shopping with our money and make some lentils… My mother gave the others the money.”

Rocio Carrasco

In addition, it has revealed one of the points of contention. “Fernando (the same owner of the apartment) left us a car that was a source of disagreement. José Antonio and Gloria asked my mother for money for gasoline.” So, Rocío Carrasco has recounted a situation that label of “grotesque”. On how they managed these moments, he explained how Rocío Jurado “ordered money to be taken out, she had a little bag where she had the keys and tickets. It was a situation that seemed Dantesque to me. She from a hospital bed distributing money… A very ugly situation.” And it has not stopped there.

Rocío Carrasco has also reported that “there was a day that my aunt wanted the car I don’t know what for and I told her José Antonio to drop us off at the hospital and then keep the car, no problem. The next day they asked me for the money for that trip.” After remembering all this, Rocío’s daughter has had no hesitation in calling the situation “very rare, very grotesque and very disgusting”.

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