Jaime Onieva breaks his silence to support his brother Íñigo in the midst of the scandal with Tamara Falcó

The silence of Íñigo Onieva has put the focus on his family and his brothers have not hesitated to publicly show their support for Tamara Falcó’s ex-boyfriend

Íñigo Onieva has become one of the most wanted men in the country. His whereabouts have been a mystery since his engagement to Tamara Falcó was blown up last Saturday, September 24, after the leak of a video in which he appeared kissing another woman. His closest circle assures that the young man, who would be confined in the family home, is “destroyed” and, for the moment, does not have the strength to face the questions of the press.

The silence of Íñigo Onieva has placed the focus on the members of his family. Although at first her mother did not hesitate to talk about the suffering of the ex-partner, the media hurricane has reached a level that they have been totally overwhelmed by the situation. Proof of this is that both Carolina Molas and her brothers Jaime and Alejandra have been somewhat tense with the press gathered at the doors of her house.

Unlike Alejandra, who has preferred not to refer to the scandal, this weekend was Jaime who broke his silence to show his unconditional support to Inigo. A few words of encouragement with which she records that the businessman is not alone and that they came just a few hours after Tamara Falcó claimed to feel “sorry” towards her fiancé. Hit PLAY and hear Jaime’s full reaction!

Aware that there was no turning back, Tamara Falcó cut off all kinds of ties with the businessman’s family, with whom she had a very good relationship. She not only changed her mobile phone but she also cut to the chase and stopped following them on social networks: “She does not want any of them to have contact with her or with her circle so as not to do more damage“José Antonio Avilés said. Be that as it may, what is clear is that the Marchioness of Griñón does not want to know anything about her ex-boyfriend or anything that has to do with him.

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