Who leaked the controversial video of Íñigo Onieva kissing another woman who was not Tamara Falcó?

“They played it on you,” Belén Esteban told Íñigo Onieva, knowing who the person who leaked the controversial video is

Just a few hours after announcing their engagement with a romantic declaration of love, the full happiness he spoke of Tamara Falco was clouded by a controversial video in which Íñigo Onieva appeared kissing another woman who was not her during the Burning Man festival. The Marchioness of Griñón recalls how her ex justified himself by claiming that they were images from 2019, something that she believed “until that the evidence was overwhelming. But, who was responsible for filtering the video?

There has been much speculation about how the video came into the hands of Tamara Falcó. A possible hack on her mobile phone would have caused her entire contact list to be able to access the content of the video through WhatsApp states, including her. She was asked about this in her reappearance before the cameras this Tuesday, at which time the Marchioness of Griñón had a sense of humor: “My mother leaked the videos,” she pointed out.

It is no longer a secret that Isabel Preysler did not see Íñigo Onieva with good eyes. There was never a feeling between them and their innermost circle assures that the socialite now breathes easy because that wedding has not taken place.

Tamara Falco

Nevertheless, It was not her but someone very close to Íñigo Onieva the one in charge of making this video go viral just a few hours after the engagement announcement.

It was Belén Esteban who narrowed down the possibilities and did not hesitate to send the businessman a direct message from ‘Sálvame’: “They played you”, she stated, very sure of her source. “I know it 100%, and I say it looking at the camera. Íñigo, They have played it on you, because the person who has leaked the video is someone very close to you. He is a friend of yours.” Information bomb supported by José Antonio Avilés. The collaborator has said that the trigger for everything was a disagreement between Íñigo and this person who they have preferred not to name.

All the details of the night Tamara broke up with Íñigo

We have to go back to last Friday to remember how after the leak of the video, Tamara Falcó left her house hand in hand with Íñigo Onieva to head to the wedding of some friends. Far from taking a step back, the businessman continued with his lie, claiming that the images were from 2019 and blaming third parties for wanting to overshadow his happiness.

The tests did not give rise to error and, cornered, the man from Madrid ended up assuming the betrayal: “On Friday night he began to say that it was still true, I told him that I did not care how long it had been, that if that was true this would end “said the daughter of Isabel Preysler in her reappearance before the media.

Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva

The next morning, after confirming that she had not only been unfaithful but that she had lied to him, Tamara Falcó ended the engagement and took refuge in her mother’s house. “The Íñigo with whom I have promised has nothing to do with that Íñigo”, revealed the protagonist still in shock by what happened.

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