Attack on Kartal Cemevi President Selami Sarıtaş in front of his house

Selami Sarıtaş, the Vice President of the Federation of Alevi Foundations and the President of the Kartal Cemevi, was attacked by unidentified people in front of his house.

Kartal Cemevi staff Yunus Altun said that the attack on Sarıtaş was planned. He stated that while he was driving home, two people on a motorcycle approached the vehicle under the pretext of asking for an address, and then the attack began.


Yunus Altun “It is very clear that the attack was planned. As his vehicle was approaching the front of the house in the evening, two people with helmets on the motorcycle got out and asked for the address of the president, and after he opened the window halfway, they attacked. The president drives the car and stops crashing into the trash, while the attack continues. While he threw himself into the next seat, his son came from the house. And at that time, the attackers left and ran away. His health is good now, but his face is bruised and swollen. He was beaten a lot.” said.


Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), made statements on the situation from his social media account.

Polat said, “I confirmed with his family that it was a despicable attack on the President of the Kartal Cemevi Foundation, dear Selami Sarıtaş. I condemn this attack on the very kind person Selami Sarıtaş. I stand by him in solidarity with him.”


CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen shared, “The President of Kartal Cemevi, Selami Sarıtaş, was attacked with guns in front of his house. We know dirty and dark hands very well. But they will not succeed.”


CHP Adana Deputy Müzeyyen Şevkin said:TOI offer my best wishes to Selami Sarıtaş, the Vice President of the Alevi Foundations Federation (AVF) and the President of Kartal Cemevi, who was attacked in front of the building, and I hope the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice as soon as possible. Our nation will not allow those who set up a dirty bench,” he said.

On 30 July, attacks were carried out against the Turkmen Alevi Bektashi Foundation Headquarters, the Shah-ı Mardan Culture Houses Foundation for Construction and Sustenance, and the Ana Fatma Djemevi in ​​Ankara, Ankara.

1 of the 3 people detained in the investigation into the attacks was arrested and 2 of them were released on condition of judicial control.

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